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A story from the corner store…all the way into a Mongolian sand storm. At the platform created for passengers to wait and be picked up by buses, they have no bathrooms. Not anywhere… Continue reading

mapping ‘mud creek watershed’

2014, 2’x4′, ink, acrylic, hand made sumac ink and silkscreen on canvas. this painting (captured with a horrid tiny broken phone camera) depicts the ‘don valley brickworks park’ which encompasses the “Weston Family… Continue reading

‘elements of green design’ – four films from Evergreen Brick Works green design exhibit 2010-2012.

it is a bit odd to compress the four films into one frame, when originally they were mounted separately 1 1/2′ apart. some of the audio which served to fill the space and… Continue reading

Winter Solstice Basketry

Grown on the site of Evergreen Brickworks since its opening in 2010 from plants which regenerate annually and are cut late in the spring. the red osier dogwood is an important food source… Continue reading

Westward Wayward; a hitch-hiking journey from toronto to vancouver, dec. 2008

This is the documentation of a journey. From Toronto to British Columbia, beginning on Rememberance day, we managed a lift from a friend of a friend of my father’s, who dropped us a… Continue reading

the “hunger games” curriculum.

beyond the political satire of the different districts, such as corporate mining villages in the global south, there are lessons to be teased out of the gory ’child vs. child’ narrative of “The Hunger Games” for environmental educators and naturalists. emulating… Continue reading

tunneling into school

what? why would anyone want to tunnel back into school. well i have no idea, but in the past six years have been investigating how to build living tunnels in school grounds and… Continue reading

tar sands training camp

In 2009, from January 16th-18th, a group of activists, environmentalists and students gathered in the University of Saskatchewan, for the first of many conferences created to educate and create plans to oppose tar… Continue reading

fire knot works

  many different knots emerge as the patterning of two weighted flames on a staff spin more efficient circles around your body with practice. aka happy chanukkah