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Charcoal Birds. Vichy, France (2006).

2007. 2′-2′ (circumference). hand made charcoal and raw chalk from the cliffs of Dover.


Inverted Don

a process for getting a new perspective on works in progress. the downside is that often i like the inverted images better. Making Tracks. Every step taken, whether along the long road in… Continue reading

environmental arts mentoring

three people, one of which is 11 years old, draw studies of plants every week in order to learn about environmental arts. can u guess which one was done by the 11 year… Continue reading

mapping ‘mud creek watershed’

2014, 2’x4′, ink, acrylic, hand made sumac ink and silkscreen on canvas. this painting (captured with a horrid tiny broken phone camera) depicts the ‘don valley brickworks park’ which encompasses the “Weston Family… Continue reading

Wind Birds: part of a true tail of wind turbines, hitch-hikers, and how they effect the local birds of central France.

These paintings were made both as emblems for the 30 day journey spanning the northern half of France and into Holland back in 2007, and as sweetener to the deal proposed to those… Continue reading

ingrained: tracking the grain of plywood with ink.

“In the pine top of my work table, the dark knots re boulders standing up in the river of grain, sending eddies and ripples spinning downstream, delivering the driftwood thought of a new… Continue reading