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It takes a child to teach us how to build a village.

how kids can dig into the way we think about our material environment, and then how we build our living spaces together.


fencing with teenagers

As the World Turns : Rankin Inlet, Nunavut (2009)

SYMBOLS OF CHANGE; A collaborative process where school children in Rankin Inlet are encouraged to ‘draw out’ their vision of what symbols can be used to illustrate change. these drawings were then brought… Continue reading


Environmental Arts Mentoring Seven:   This week began with quick warm up portraits, followed by a wander into an odd landscape in which we built a fort. full of rabbits, this little hillock… Continue reading

environmental arts mentoring IV

15 minute one line drawing. trying to keep the pencil in contact with the paper for a full ten minutes is an exercise in physical muscle development and focus. when applied to patterns in detailed… Continue reading

environmental arts mentoring III

draw a picture of your own skull… more than my faith in my own ability to mentor or tutor is my faith that creating opportunities to draw natural artifacts have lessons embedded deeply… Continue reading