bodged cedar table….

The old bodgers, originally came from the broadleaved forests of britain (and numerous other countries) where they would make a bender out of live poles to house their family and tools as they… Continue reading

one more dance

I heard a story the other day about winter and summer being in love, and in march summer takes winter out for one more spin, freezes the maple sap lines and the dripping… Continue reading

knot march 2013

s of dundas, w side of ossington What happens to the knots now?!? Maybe trim the growth bonsai style? Make liTtle insects and animals with the green stems? Make geometric shapes? knot in… Continue reading

the right wood

To try and find the right wood that is 4-6′ long in pencil to pinky-finger thin in almost branchless shoots that will weather the sun and rain for more than a year or… Continue reading

woodland craft cycle draft

this is a map of activites and value-adding products made from branchwood.

whats the world coming to?!?

why living knotworks?

living pussy willow This knot was harvested in cassandra public school while the snow was blowing over a workshop on planting a living willow tunnel for the evergreen all hands in the dirt… Continue reading

making time for change; NGO’s non-profits vs. nature’s time

Have you ever tried to educate others in connecting to cycles of time older or slower than those occupying most of our schedules and visual space (checking your mobile for the time every… Continue reading

towards an anarchist ecology workshop brought to you by ‘knowing the land is resistance’

These amazingly compassionate folks from knowing the land is resistance have decided to volunteer their learnings from observing and understanding the land while facilitating discussion of what this observation reveals about our relationship… Continue reading

if you find yourself not knowing what the heck just flew by…..