tunneling into school

what? why would anyone want to tunnel back into school. well i have no idea, but in the past six years have been investigating how to build living tunnels in school grounds and… Continue reading

tar sands training camp

In 2009, from January 16th-18th, a group of activists, environmentalists and students gathered in the University of Saskatchewan, for the first of many conferences created to educate and create plans to oppose tar… Continue reading

fire knot works

  many different knots emerge as the patterning of two weighted flames on a staff spin more efficient circles around your body with practice. aka happy chanukkah


helping kids fence their own school?

The Natural History Emporium of Mystery; story and depth of place (captured in a museum display)

This ‘Mapping Nature Museum’ is a old schoolhouse slate, sandblasted with a meticulous map of the Don valley brickworks, beside a display table (installed on a heritage metal lathe) of artifacts and specimens… Continue reading

Wind Birds: part of a true tail of wind turbines, hitch-hikers, and how they effect the local birds of central France.

These paintings were made both as emblems for the 30 day journey spanning the northern half of France and into Holland back in 2007, and as sweetener to the deal proposed to those… Continue reading

ingrained: tracking the grain of plywood with ink.

“In the pine top of my work table, the dark knots re boulders standing up in the river of grain, sending eddies and ripples spinning downstream, delivering the driftwood thought of a new… Continue reading

arrr….coming soon…the pirate survival boat @evergreenbrickworks

pirates will be popping up and learning about the floods in the don valley in the children’s garden at evergreen brickworks this coming spring. will they learn how to survive pirates? or will… Continue reading

guarding the gate of the children’s garden at evergreen brick works…

with sticks grown purposefully in a garden of willow and dogwoods, or as the forester’s of the early british countryside would call, a coppice, this wee beasty overlooks visitors upon entering. see a… Continue reading