public resonance: money

a project from the archive of 2005   “a means of making public messages about money. often moralistic, but somewhere the use of resources should have a moral attached. why not on the… Continue reading

cooper’s hawks nesting in cabbagetown

These hawks build a nest and raise young in a busy central toronto park in the spring of 2012. This park borders two cemetaries, the don river valley and rosedale valley. After a… Continue reading

silver maple buds

            silver maple buds are like stars, dormant during the day and bursting forth in abundant energy….if you take any fallen twig with buds on it, and put… Continue reading

Environmental Arts Mentoring V

this session instead began with a journey up a mountain (ish) finding bark to slide down the ice and eventually harvesting a large chunk to draw. this was a very challenging subject as… Continue reading

new ‘towards an anarchist ecology’ zine from “knowing the land is resistance”

High time to honor people who seek, through sensitive observation, to understand the land they stand on, and help create tools to share that understanding… The leadership shown by this collective, knowing the… Continue reading

environmental arts mentoring IV

15 minute one line drawing. trying to keep the pencil in contact with the paper for a full ten minutes is an exercise in physical muscle development and focus. when applied to patterns in detailed… Continue reading

the dreaming tree – resurfacing 9 years later…

it was not until i was half way through this drawing of a misfit willow sculpture created through these pores in some sort of vine i found in the forest when i realized… Continue reading

environmental arts mentoring III

draw a picture of your own skull… more than my faith in my own ability to mentor or tutor is my faith that creating opportunities to draw natural artifacts have lessons embedded deeply… Continue reading

Inverted Don

a process for getting a new perspective on works in progress. the downside is that often i like the inverted images better. Making Tracks. Every step taken, whether along the long road in… Continue reading

environmental arts mentoring II

what plant is this?