wheel of the year: traditional british woodland work

 this image and curriculum is from Ruskin Mill Educational Trust in Gloucestershire, UK. see: Ruskin MIll Trust see also these amazing folks: http://knowingtheland.com/2014/08/28/tree-seed-collection-guide/

Furtle: the fiery fertile [bread oven] turtle (2008)

myself and shannon crossman facilitated the design and build with Sue Cohen and Kerry from SKETCH, an arts resource space in toronto. The oven is made of refractory cement, a insulation layer of slip-straw and finished with cob. the cart was assembled with found/upcycled materials.

Since, the bread oven and cart were forcibly dismantled. one day an intern filled the oven full of wood…

Public Resonance: Massada, Isreal (2005)

these works form a part of the series ‘pubic resonance’ where different public works are installed to interpret and otherwise change the surroundings. this work was done while walking the ‘snake trail’ a… Continue reading

Contours of History: 2005

The contours of history were traced by me, in the history of art, with a pencil. The dates are those of the dead artist. Many of these are studies from life (drawn while… Continue reading

As the World Turns : Rankin Inlet, Nunavut (2009)

SYMBOLS OF CHANGE; A collaborative process where school children in Rankin Inlet are encouraged to ‘draw out’ their vision of what symbols can be used to illustrate change. these drawings were then brought… Continue reading

Barrel of Bees


Environmental Arts Mentoring Seven:   This week began with quick warm up portraits, followed by a wander into an odd landscape in which we built a fort. full of rabbits, this little hillock… Continue reading

Kitkooli-1998-First Nation’s Outdoor Classroom-Double Iron Farm-Salmon Arm, BC

Glen Jollymore and John Sayers facilitated the building of these traditional structures, integrated with teachings and tasks associated with creating this First Nation’s 12 outdoor classroom-integrating place based learning, an interpretive center into the… Continue reading


environmental arts mentoring no.6 this week was more focussed on the signs of spring, rabbit browse and a kill site we investigated. that may sound strange, though it was amazing to see the… Continue reading

signs of spring…

Who’s that hiding down under the snow, but still green?!? look closely…