environmental arts mentoring III

draw a picture of your own skull…ownskull

more than my faith in my own ability to mentor or tutor is my faith that creating opportunities to draw natural artifacts have lessons embedded deeply in their forms. they also draw us into shared learning that leads down unexpected paths.

last week we took some invasive trees and spelt words we would then draw. each branch brought with it lessons which sink in through drawing the irregularities and patterns.


this week we brought out the skulls, and even though we were in a strange office environment, these solid tracks of living animals have stories to tell that i do not have words for. this also allows discussions of how to articulate what we see, and how we all interpret how we see and draw differently to have equal weight with thoughts and conversations about where these bones came from, how old they are, and how the animals lived and died.

the objects, and other living forms, become the primary activity for environmental arts mentoring, as they teach us about ecology and representing it.